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Sunday, 16 August 2009

More wool

Purple sea and Choppy waters. Two skeins each of Organic Merino, dyed for Sophie. Blue tones, purple tones, each with a very tiny tinge of red....
I dyed 2 lots, as I just couldn't decide if I liked the first batch or not, but now they are done, I love them both!


  1. Lisa! Theyre both gorgeous hunni!! Trouble is i cant decide which i prefer now lol!!! OMG im gonna be thinking about these all night now when im trying to sleep lol!

    When do i need to decide by hun?

    thankyou again for your great work :-)


    ps. the colours are sooooooooo vibrant arent they?!;-))) xxx

  2. Hi hun, No rush whatsoever!!! I am so pleased you like them... I tried to get the blues and purples as deep as i could, without them looking too dull iykwim?

    They are both gorgeous, but I have to say, the choppy waters is more 'lively' so to speak, with more of the red dashes in. Just my own personal opinion! x

  3. no there no dull at all hun , they are both PERFECT! I really really really love them both , we were completely on the same page with this colourway as youve managed to capture exactly what i wanted , thankyou sooooooooooo much xxxxxx