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Monday, 24 August 2009

Longies for H

Wow, if I've ever seen choppy waves, this is them!!! An evening storm or such like. I think they look fab, and are knitting up with purple stripes almost! I'm hoping the shorter rows on the legs will brings smaller stripes, making them look gorgeous!

I really hope you like them Sophie.



  1. OMG!! Theyre lovely Lisa! So unique! :-> Its amazing how things knit up isnt it , theres just no telling when theyre skeins....they are really funky , i love 'em!

    Is that a sideways view or frontways? Im useless at telling these things lol!

    thankyou , thankyou , THANKYOU!!!


    ps. Just noticed the trim! It is perfect hunni ;-) Gorgeous! xxxxx

  2. The trim is fab!! It has knitted up in a pattern too!! Love it Not sure on the view tbh as not sure were mum was at when I snatched it from her hands for a piccy lol but I shall do another piccy, maybe when she has done one leg. I think they are really lovely, and one of my fav pairs knitted up so far!!!

  3. oooh yes please hun , would love a piccy when a leg has been done!!! :-P

    Theyre gorgeous they really are hun!!!

    Im sooo pleased , and they look really thick and squishy too - perfect for winter!


  4. They look great!!! The colours are fab! E x