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Monday, 31 August 2009

Seven Seas, almost finished

Mum has had fun and games with these!! As you can tell, the yarn pattern is now gorgeous swirls, as opposed to stripes, making the longies live up to their seven seas name!!!
Shoud be finished in a day or so. x

Sunday, 30 August 2009

We have 100 Customers!

and I just wanted to shout out a big thank you to everyone who has supported The Nappy Garden this past year!!

It makes it all worthwhile.



PS ( we have 173 orders! Order number 200 gets a free thank you gift!! :-)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

And the name that yarn winner is.............


You get to name the yarn hun! Let me know what you'de like it to be called as soon as possible please, and it will then go onto our Folksy shop for sale!

Here's piccy to help you along!!

TNG Toppers!!!

We had some of the gorgeous falling leaves yarn left over, so mum went to work and produced this!!! 

I think this is absolutely stunning, and mum's own pattern too!!!!  It is made with a rolled trim, so can be rolled alot for small heads and unrolled as they grow, plus various sizes! Here's an example of it as a set (sorry Katie, borrowed Lal's longies!)
There will be a selection of these on the shop soon! Look out for some sets during BBM/WAHM Collab month!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Lals Longies!

Finished... ready for lanolising! I hope you like them katie!

Nappy Garden Exclusives!!!

We are pleased to welcome a new product to The Nappy garden! Monkey Foot WetBags!
Gorgeous waterproof wet bags for your wipes and nappies and baby bits!!! Fit perfectly over the handle of a pushchair or doorknob with the poppered strap. Lots of stnning designs, including 2 which you will only find at The Nappy Garden, throughout the whole of the UK!

Our 2 exclusive designs....

and other designs we have coming....
I hope you like them...we are very proud to be stocking these!!

And so it's skeined!!!

In process, on the niddy noddy.......
and all ready to come off
The finished product!!!! and I love it!
So to the question..........
How big a load can my washing machine hold????? (clue in one of the below piccies :-)
Reply to this thread and I shall draw a name from the hat tomorrow evening!!!! remember, it's just a bit of fun! :-) Hope you like the yarn!

Holden Landings....

Are now in the shop to pre order only..... this guaranatee's you one of these scrummy nappies, without stalking, and without being stung by custom charges!

Here are some examples of some of the scrummy fluff currently being made, and we are due in!

These are due in approx 3 weeks, maybe 4.

and it's dry!!!

Just brought in from the line..... all soft and squishy!!

Ready to be skeined up, this evening!
I am so loving these colours!

How to name the yarn......

You will need to scroll down to the older posts, for more details!!! But.....

the said yarn will be dry by this evening as it is so incredibly windy out today (crikey  better go check it's still on the line!!).... Once dried, skeined and photo's taken,  I will ask a random question at the end based on something I've said, or done or that you can see, and if you leave your reply to the final post, I'll draw a name from a hat! That lucky person gets to name the colourway before it goes up for sale! Ok, so this is just a bit of fun, we all need something in life!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Next up..........

Once cool, it's ready to be rinsed...
Yummy! Very happy with the colours once rinsed.........gorgeous mixes
Now, once rinsed, it goes out on the line to dry!!! 
This may take a few days, as it keeps raining on and off, but, the sun is out at the minute, so, it could well be dry by tonight!!!!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ready to be zapped!!!

Wrapped in clingfilm awaiting it's fate!!!
It even looks scared.. aww all curled up like a baby!!!

Mmmm decisions decisions!!!

I just can't decide on colours!!  So.....
Yarn laid out on clingfilm, ready to be dyed
The first 3 colours are on....3 shades of yummy green!
then deep brown, yellow and orange are painted on.

and so it begins......

2 skeins of Blue faced leicester..... 1 plastic bowl
Now soaking in a water/vinegar mix

Lals falling leaves..... so far!!!

Name that Yarn!

I'm so excited about our new Folksy store - TNG Yarns.....

So.. to ease my excitement, I'm going to have fun making a blog of dyeing wool updates! I shall dye up 2 skeins of wool, and From the moment the wool goes into soak, to the moment I skein it up, I shall add photos and information about the process it takes.

At the end, I shall ask a random question, leave your answer, and the first drawn from a  hat, gets to name the colourway!!! ) Hows that for excitement lol ;-) I will draw the name on Saturday evening!

I will be making the first entry this evening, and it may take 2-3 days in all, depending on drying conditions!

Have fun!!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

H's longies

Finished! Hope you like them Sophie. Lanolising now and will be off to you asap!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Funky Longies!

Are these the most funky and unusual pair of longies you've ever seen?????

They are going to look so fab on H!

RE my txt hun, we have had to place 2 blue stripes, into the bottom of the leg, as there was no way the 2 balls of main body colour would stretch..... so for future reference, you need at least 250g body colour and 50g trim, or 300g total colour!! I couldn't dye more as this colourway is so unique, I could never replicate it.

I'm afraid the pic does not do them justice here as I'v just taken it now... so will take another one tomorrow when they are finished....

PRE ORDERED Holdens Landings

The order has been placed and is now being worked on. I shall update accordingly, but feel free to check out Bonnies blog for updates.

I have various stock due in including

dark lagoon
Light lagoon
Egg Plant
pale lilacs/yellows

and some prints

tossed turtles
fall in the forest
hedgie and friends
little boy blue

Monday, 24 August 2009

Longies for H

Wow, if I've ever seen choppy waves, this is them!!! An evening storm or such like. I think they look fab, and are knitting up with purple stripes almost! I'm hoping the shorter rows on the legs will brings smaller stripes, making them look gorgeous!

I really hope you like them Sophie.


TNG Yarns!!

Our brand new Folksy shop!

Please come and take a look.... lots of gorgeous new colourways coming soon! Keep a very close eye!

TNG Yarns

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Seven Seas

I did this wool with Morag in mind, with different shades of blues, from sky blue through to deep dark blue. What do you think? If it's not to your liking, I will plod on with some more, no worries!!

Midnight longies

In the shop now :-)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blue Banana!!

Babylonglegs GORGEOUS bluebanana colourway! Coming next week. I have Enough for upto Xlarge longies! Not sure whether to put this in shop, or keep for BBM/WAHM month!!!! Decisions decisions!!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

A rustic feel to these falling leaves!

I hope you like the trim Katie, mum will be starting these soon. Can you re check Lal's measurements, ta muchly.

Rhubarb and Custard!!

Rhubarb (hot pink) Crumble (browns) Custard (yellows)

Yum Yum Yum!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


I was asked to do a denim type wool, (forgive me but I cannot remember by whom, or for what!) with various types of blue in. I think I've achieved that! 2 different types here, so one could be a for a soaker/small shorties, or I could combine as scrappy, very boyish, longies!!!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Midnight longies

Almost complete..... and blooming lovely!!!!

Pre order Holdens Landing

I am placing the order on Friday, so if you have not emailed me with your order, can you do so by Thursday evening please. I will of course also be getting some for the shop!

Thanks guys!


Pink Shores

A completed and stunning pair of newborn longies. In the shop now.

We can now offer you 'on the flat' and 'in the round' knitting, as many colourways of wool knit up differently, in both styles of knitting, giving you various effects.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A TNG 1st!!!

Here we have another Nappy Garden 1st!!!

A perfect pair of newborn longies knitted on the circulars!!! These are just stunning and you can see for yourselves how beautifully they are knitting up. Mum is like a chesire cat and very pleased with herself.

These will be in the shop soon, hopefully to get a new loving home.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Hollow Oak!

Instock Tuesday evening, approx 7-8pm!!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of some of Emmas wonderful baby goodies. Emma @ The Hollow Oak is a talented wahm, and is very skilled at all sorts of baby yummyness, including handmade nappies and wool interlock, to name just a few of her talents. Her products are well known and sort after by many a cloth user!

Here is a provisional list of what we have stocking:

1. Blue orange Ooga Booga night nappy size 2
2. Fire OBV size 2 day nappy
3. Blueberry caramel OBV size 1 day nappy
4. Moss and Stone OBV size 1 night nappy
5. Cat in the Hat lime green size 1 day nappy
6. Ocean OBV size 2 night nappy
7. Ocean OBV size 1 night nappy
8 Mushroom size 1 day nappy, plus medium mushroom PUL wrap
9 Mushroom size 2 day nappy, plus large mushroom PUL wrap
10. Royal purple 12m fleece dress with red heart, plus matching fleece and PUL medium wrap
11. Purple medium wool soaker

More to be added!!!


Falling leaves skiened up!

Falling Leaves

A gorgeous welcome to the coming Autumn!!! (though please say we have more summer!!!)

More wool

Purple sea and Choppy waters. Two skeins each of Organic Merino, dyed for Sophie. Blue tones, purple tones, each with a very tiny tinge of red....
I dyed 2 lots, as I just couldn't decide if I liked the first batch or not, but now they are done, I love them both!

Paintbox for Lal

I hope you like them Katie.