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Friday, 31 July 2009

Number one.... of 3!

For Lal!!! Handyed by us in a Lazy Dayz colourway. I think it's lovely and very unique indeed!

Strawberry Fayre up next! (now I've dyed more wool!!) and not for Lal, obviously! :-)

Stock update

Now INSTOCK Wee Notion Fairy Hammocks!

Stocking on Monday Wee Notion pockets and Northern Lights!

On it's way tomorrow HOLDENS LANDING! Should be here in the next week or so!

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Helena... here is some wool I had dyed, so you get a choice for your nightime soaker!!! :-) :-)

More wool

Violet rainbow and paradise!

Tye Dye with trim

A few people have asked for piccies of this wool with it's trim. Here you go!!! :-)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tye Dye Magic!

I am so pleased with how this wool has turned out. Should knit up almost like it'e been tye dyed! Gorgeous colours too.
Softly Softly! A very light, soft, pastel coloured wool. Perfect for those prefering lighter shades of colour. Greens,blues,reds,yellows.
The strawberry set, slowly coming together!! Such a gorgeous match!

Morags Custom!

I was given this Tshirt and asked if I could match it with some woollies! I hope you like them Morag!

Handyed by us in all the shades of the VHC foods and Mr caterpillar himself!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lazy Dayz!

BFL Aran. Handyed 100% wool. I dyed this wool with a completely different image in mind! But, I really do love the actual result.

Oh but what to do with it! A Tshirt set or I could pop it on for custom or maybe I should sell it for someone to make their own delightful woollies... or even for an Instock! Decisions, decisions!

Wool for Morag

I hope you like it. I was a little adventurous! Cannot wait to see it knitted up!

Strawberries and cream!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sneaky Piccies of what's to come!

We are totally LOVING these!!!!!!! What a fab job they have done! We cannot wait for these to arrive! Including a whole bunch of san pro (WN fairies!)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Welcome Beau Beau Creations!

We would like to introduce to The Nappy Garden, Beau Beau Creations! Marie creates these wonderful tops you see here.
These appliqued tshirts have been made especially to co-ordinate with some wool I have dyed up myself and some from Pixie knits, to form some amazing little outfits!

The rainforest tshirt and the strawbery, will both be available to buy as a set over the following weeks. I shall leave you with a small 'blurb' by Marie, the owner of Beau Beau Creations

"These applique t-shirts are created by Marie at Beau Beau Creations and have been fused and zigzag stitched onto top quality cotton t-shirts. Using a mix of fabrics to create fun and unique designs.

The white organic cotton rainforest T-shirt has a rectangular panel of bright fabric. This particular section features two parrots, a hippo and little butterfly.

The pink strawberry t-shirt has a strawberry shaped section of an all over strawberries print fabric, with a woven pale green leaf shape that set it off perfectly."

PS.. the lion is JJ's, and I am SO excited as they match his new lion Neels longies perfectly!!!!

Random family pics!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Pinky mixes for Rebekah!

I LOVE this! It may have felted a little.. but will see how it knits up and will dye a fresh lot if needs be :-) :-)

Long and awaited!!!

The lady in question will know who these are for :-)

A mottled red. It is even darker and more tie dyed on the back! If you feel they need to be redder, please say and consider it done!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

At a loss.....

as to what to do with these..... 1st, they are a custom order for a lady wanting a matching pair of shorties to her VHC top, but, wanted them colourful instead of the usual plain green mixes...... well, this is the result, and I'm kind of thinking it is too girly. So... my plan of action?? I am not yet sure. I'm all ready to dye up some more, just waiting on boysh colours to arrive. In the meantime.. who's for a girly pair of shorties?? Even have a cute little embelishment ready and waiting!!!

Now embelished!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A dip dyeing 1st for TNG!

I wasn't sure at first if this was something we could or even should, do...... so, I threw caution to the wind and this is the result!

I'm actually over the moon with the outcome, it is definately unique!!

We may add an embelishment or two, and then it shall be loaded onto the shop!

A gorgeous 100% wool suntop with a matching soaker. Dip dyed in pinks and lilacs, using BFL aran, one of the softest!

Sophies Custom

Dyed by us using Kool Aid, bfl aran wool, these really have knitted up superbly!

Lanolising now and will be posted tomorow.

Totally Undyed!

For those of you prefering undyed wool for your precious baby, or for the artists among you, wishing to dye up your own nappy covers! This is the place for you!!

We will be knitting you shorties, longies, soakers and other baby clothes in udyed wool. You can keep it as natural as possible, like nature intended :-) Or have some fun dyeing them yourselves!

We also have Undyed wool skeins in the shop for sale now, Nappy covers coming over the next few days.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Aqua Twist!

A sneak pic of your custom Sophie. Hope you like them.

This is our own handdyed BFL wool in aqua, lemon and lime. We love it!

Strawberry Fayre!

Loving loving loving these!!!!

Will be uploaded to shop this evening.