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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blue Banana!!

Babylonglegs GORGEOUS bluebanana colourway! Coming next week. I have Enough for upto Xlarge longies! Not sure whether to put this in shop, or keep for BBM/WAHM month!!!! Decisions decisions!!!


  1. Mine!!! Need longies in it!

    Lal needs a massive clearout - tried on some of his longies today and they are too short!

  2. It is stunning hey!!! I'm surprised you have not got any in this colourway already!!!! I will let you know if I plan on putting it up for customs.. but was htinking, maybe a HO/pickle paints collab or such like.... mmmm I really don't know!!!

  3. I have a pair of longies on Evelyns needles at the mo in blue banana....my own custom version though , lol i like to be very specific hey Lisa?!?! ;-P

    Its a gorgeous colourway , ive wanted it for aagggggggges now , you definately need it Katie , Lal would look lush!!


  4. I think you should let Katie have this one and then you can go and get me the Elvira that Sarah has put up today for James!

  5. Ahhh I saw that!! It is lush!!!

    You were worried about it being too girly, but I think it is gorgeous!!!