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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

New Yarns...

300g Red Silverback, 150g Ice Maiden, 200g Ancient Eygpt, 200g Pink Berries

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Our first glimpse at Safari!

and it really is beautiful!! I'm so pleased with how the colours have turned out and, as usual, mum (and Santa too!) is doing a fab job at bringing it together!

Pink Ooga Booga collab

For Becky......... it's beautiful!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Ssshh don't tell mum ;-)

I'v sneaked on a piccy of Becky's pink limes so far....(mum says it's bad luck when I do this as she drops a stitch or something! Sorry mum couldn't resist they are too lovely to not!)

They are just beautiful! and So different too Sallys ones! Every yarn dye is unique and this proves it! Sally's pink limes had alot of the darker type pinks in..this is on the lighter side, both just gorgeous I am doing lots more of this colourway!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Neels and Us!

A customer asked for us to dye some yarn, inspired by a photo she had seen.

Neelam knitted the yarn up and here is the end product!

I personally think they are just amazing! The colour are so varied which gives a really random effect! Just hope you like them hun! Neelam has done the yarn justice!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Now in stock....


Pink Lime longies and a hat!

I'm in love with this set Sally and I'm sure your daughter will look just gorgeous!!!

Two balls, basicallly exactly the same colour, and look at the different knits in the body and legs! The hat was knitted with the remainder leg yarn! Wonderful!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Nit Nac 'lounge' wear.....

For the boys!!! They love them and would live in them given half the chance!! They both chose their own fabric prints and Nicola did a fab job with measurements!!!

PLEASE excuse the state of my house...I now just call it 'lived' in!!!! ;-)

Sallys Pink Limes....

Finished!! (well not in this pic as I am lanolising them as I type!) but it should give you an idea of finished item! Hat on the needles so should be ready to post this week!!! I hope it gets to you before chrimbo hun!

Ribbit Ribbit yarn..bright and funky Merino yarn..perfect to brighten up your winter day. I would say a snazzy scarf!!! I would LOVE a scarf in this bright green colour! But of course perfect for baby cloth covers too. :-)

and another piccy showing the colours much more brightly.......the actual colour is somewhere inbetween!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ribbit Ribbit.......

Some yarn I will be adding to Folksy tomorrow! I love the mixes of green, it's just divine!

A Midnight soaker going into the shop today!

Dee's owl yarn

Tweet Twoo!!!!! 

and here's Sophies finished longies.....posting out Monday! :-0

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Deep sea diving!

And a piccy of Dee's yarn cooking in the pot. It's almost dry now so will update pics later on.

Custom order update...again!!!

Just a quick update..........as it's getting close to Christmas and we will not get all our customs out before then, as much as we would love too!

The pink limes are both next up (Sally and Becky) I'v had to dye a trim to match, so that both can be completed fully  including Sallys lo's hat!! :-) So once dry, they will both be completed next. That has meant a small delay for you guys, so apologies for that but in the meantime we have completed Sophies long awaited XL longies for H!! Hooray and I hope this time they are a great fit on him hun. Please do let us know.

I have some seven seas yarn to dye for Morag, in prep for some longies early next year....plus mum will be trying to get at least one of your longies complete this side of the holidays...if she can.

The Safari longies for scotia will be done asap too and then whats left will produce a masterpiece for Louise! (be it longies, crops, shorties, soaker or a hat! lol)

Oh and Dee..your yarn has been dyed to match Maries hoody......it looks very lovely indeed and cannot wait to see it knitted up!

Katie....dyeing your yarn upon our next wool delivery, lot at sea, which is due this side of chrimbo......and then I will do more of the pink limes colourway, and offer first refusal to those listed as interested. :-)

I think that is it. If you have any issues, please email us and we can discuss it no problems.. if I have missed you out, shout me as I would hate for that to happen! I know a lady contacted me a while back, asking about our lazy dayz colourway (over 6 months ago I think) but since then her message has been deleted and I cannot remember who it was. So if you are reading this, please email me asap and I can get on top of that!

Happy Holidays to all of our customers and thank you for all your support in our 1st year!!!!

Lisa & Yvonne

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PRE Order your Fluff & Stuff today!

Now listed in the shop, these scrummy fitted nappies handmade by a US WAHM are just delish. Super absorbent too!

Check out our featured wahm section here

Fluff and Stuff Nappies

Simply Baby!

We want to welcome a new addition to our website. Our simply baby selection focuses on newborn nappies and accessories, so you know where to find your new baby goodies!

Being added today, two newborn soakers....

Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Once again.........

we have progress pics of Sophies silverback! It is every bit gorgeous! It has knitted up in a different way this time, more randomly but the colour combo is so magnificent. I am so pleased you designed this colourway Sophie!

and here is Morags christmas ooga yarn awaiting re skeining!
Should be able to post this tomorrow if it has dried completly.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Red & Blue Silverback

I am incredibly made up with these 6 skeins!! They are drying now...should be ready early next week. :-)

Caras soakers....

Large and newborn.....both almost identical bar the size!! I really love these Cara! The large is almost complete.

Lost at sea yarn..plus red silverback!

And it's red!! (just hope it stays that way when dry!)

Nikkis Lost at Sea yarn! I adore it and will be doing more for the shop!


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

and we're off...........

300g of gorgeous blue silverback SW Merino for one of Nicolas boys....prepared, in the pot and steaming!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for pink..ooops I mean red silverback for her other son!!! :-)

December Update!

Rox..your longies are done. i'v re lanolised them so they are all fresh upon you getting them back. No matter what mum did, RE short rows, it left slight holes, if not holes, then a marked appereance. So, rather than unpick for a 4th time, she has left out the short rows, and increased the rise slightly for Scarlett. I'm sure that will work fine, and at least the longies remain in tact. :-)

Nicola, your 600g superwash merino is in soak now, to be dyed up tonight. I am really excited about this. Firstly, I love working with superwash merino, it is super soft too! Secondly, I can't wait to see the contrasting silverbacks!!!! You must show us pics of the knitted cardis on your boys!

Cara.......the large soaker is almost complete, I will lanolise them both and they should be with you by the weekend.

Sophie!!! Your next silverback is being started asap!!!! The yarn is already and waiting to go. It is a little darker than the last lot.....but just as scrummy so hope you love it!

Katie and Nikki - RE your lost at sea yarn, Iv dyed  more of this up for you, and each batch is coming up a shade lighter than the original. No idea why. So, I will picture it shortly and post Nikkis off tomorrow, as all 3 of your skeins are the same colour..... Katie, I need to know if you are using the 2 skeins for one whole item, if so, I need to dye you up 2 skeins at the same time, rather than the original, and the new one, as they differ.

As soon as all our customs are complete, we will be starting on the BBM longie slots. Hopefully most of these will be done before Christmas, but there are no garuantees, if you specifically want your set finished before Christmas, please let us know and we will see what we can do. 

Thanks ladies!!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

OMG it's December........

Time for....


Oh and don't forget......

I say bring it on Santa!!!!!!

Wool In...Wool Out!!!

Some more yarn on Folksy today...some of which has already sold. Glimmer!, Black Magenta, She Territory.