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Thursday, 20 August 2009


I was asked to do a denim type wool, (forgive me but I cannot remember by whom, or for what!) with various types of blue in. I think I've achieved that! 2 different types here, so one could be a for a soaker/small shorties, or I could combine as scrappy, very boyish, longies!!!!


  1. Oooh thats nice!! Lisa you must stop coming up with all these gorgeous boyish colourways when i have no money , its cruel!! ;-P ;-)


  2. Oh, it might have been me. I asked for navy, mid blue and sky blue/baby blue. I like the colours in this, but it would be better if there was a bit more contrast. It looks very mid blue only from here. Does that make sense? I would love a medium pair of the longies done in the same style as the Pink Shores longies further down the page. :-D

    Mmm, I can't hep wondering what this would look like knitted up though...

  3. I don't think it was you hun, they specifically asked for denim!!! But I have opened up a longies slot for you, and am tampering around with my blues atm.... so I can acheive the 3 average colours (dark,mid,light)

    By the pink shores, you mean knitted in the round? yeah, we can do that, no problem :-)

  4. Yup, exactly like Pink Shores but medium and blue. I like the style and the drawstring on them. :-)