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Saturday, 29 August 2009

And the name that yarn winner is.............


You get to name the yarn hun! Let me know what you'de like it to be called as soon as possible please, and it will then go onto our Folksy shop for sale!

Here's piccy to help you along!!


  1. Wow, really?! I won something! I never win anything! Cool!!!! :-D

    I have three names in mind. Should I list them here or email them to you?

  2. Email them hunny.... if people want to know the name, they can come looky at Folksy hey!! :-)

    and 3!! Wow... that's gonna be tough I'm sure!

  3. Hope you like one of them. I can't wait to find out which one you choose!

  4. Oooh have you emailed them then? can't wait to see them!!

  5. Well done Morag! Looking forward to finding out what its going to be called.

    I would have called it Firecracker if I'd won :)

  6. Hehe i would have called it bonfire if i won so looks like we were on the same wavelength there Louise :oD

    Do we know what it got called in the end??

  7. It got called Autumn Harvest Rox!! and is already sold and being knitted up!!!