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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Custom Holdens Landing

After a suggestion made to me, I have been thinking, would anyone like to order a bedbug/fitted, in advance, thus making sure you get what it is you want, and avoiding any custom charges that may crop up?

I will be placing my next order, probably over the weekend, so, feel free to message me so we can discuss it! Payment will be in advance, based on current shop prices. A custom pick up will be placed on the shop.

I will, of course, be getting in more for stock too!


  1. Ooh.. can I have a toddler BOV fitted? maybe dip dyed, don't mind what really, but in boyish colours?
    I might want two actually, but will have to sell some bits first as K has banned another "paypal" withdrawal from our bank account! LOL! I wonder why??

  2. No problemo... just let me know as and when, by the weekend if poss, but probably won't get the order in until early next week. :-)

  3. hehe, glad you went with my suggestion :) I'll ask dh if we can get another bedbug...possibly one to match my night themed soaker :D

  4. oooh blacks, deep blues and purples. and even yellows.. lush!!!!

  5. my thoughts exactly :)

  6. I'd be interested in trying a Toddler size one as well as I don't really get on brilliantly well with the pre-loved M/L I have.
    I think I'd like a dip dye in boy colours too, would love something that looked like an autumn sunset or maybe a winter snowscene so either browns/oranges/greens/reds or ice blue/white/grey/black/lilac

  7. I shall go and pop you on a custom pick up then Louis.? Would you like it fleece lined or BOV inners??? Any particular coloured poppers?

  8. Ooh im supposed to be on the wagon but i do need another night nappy....Not sure whether to get a m or a m/l though.

    Will come back to this

  9. Hi, Will tomorrow be ok to put in an order? am thinking of maybe a couple of fitteds. How much would they be? thks :oD Anna x (moonsunstar)

  10. Hiya, prices are as follows:

    For bedbugs
    sm £23
    M £24
    M/L £25
    Toddler £26.50

    Sm £18.50
    M £19.50
    M/L £20.50
    Toddler £21.50

    Lisa x

  11. If I'm not too late to add an order could I have a M/L Bedbug with the colours purple, orange and blue please with deep purple snaps. oh and fleece lined too please. Thanks Lisa. Let me know if I'm too late!