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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Longies for Grace

Handyed by us in blues and reds, for a tye dye mottled effect!

Thi wool is thick squishy Organic Merino, so will be perfect for Grace throughout winter too! (Well, as long as she does not grow too much!!) Rebekahs are in BFL, so not too thick and heavy, as she is on the go!!!

I hope you like the how the wool has knitted up Eleanor. x


  1. I LOVE THEM!!!!! I'm SO excited!! Did I order embelishments? I think I did... Do you think flowers would look nice? Something girly!
    I love them Lisa. Thank you!!

  2. Weve been discussing flowers all evening!!! It will look fab!

  3. Those are soo lovely*needs to have a girl*

    you're soo talented Lisa, I can't wait to see mine...erm Kals soaker :) how is it coming on? progress pics....im too excited!! :D

  4. I only dye them hun, Mum is the knitter :-)

    The soaker we did for Kal came up too big... (22/22) :-( So another one is in progress, I have the embelishments and they are just GORGEOUS!!! Got the dye ready..... I'm REALLY looking forward to dip dyeing these!!! (you can of course have this one, if you don't mind it being a bit too big!!!!! lol It would certainly last! ;-)

  5. 22 rise and hips? hmm i have a feeling that would be up to his armpits! lol :)

  6. LOL...... don't worry, he has a new one in the making :-)