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Sunday, 8 November 2009

yummy yarn & longies plus custom update

Sophies finished longies for H

Eleanors pink berries drying...plus an extra set for BBM!

Plus Lucys seven seas also now drying! Trim in the pot cooling.

Ok now for current custom stats!!!!

carolyn - I'm awaiting red and black dye for your soaker, but, I do have some red/black merino yarn here I'v dyed, so will get that knit up and you can see what you think hey! Strawberry fool will be done too so will email tonight for measurements.
sarah - Your blues the word will be done soon, i need an idea of size for yarn amount.
Rox - Will contact you shortly RE neapolitan, if you still wish to have it.
Cara - Your soakers will be fitted in as soon as poss.
Frances - redyeing your strawberry fool as wasn't happy but am awaiting brown dye
Vic - awaiting black dye to start your silverback and brown dye for the strawberry fool, hopefully it'll be here this week!

Once we have got to the end of our custom list, we will be doing things differently. 
EVERY Monday, a new custom slot will be listed for you to purchase.....this slot will be £5 and the remainder invoiced once work starts. Your slot will cover you for upto 2 woolly items! This way, no one has a 6-8 week wait and we can squeeze in more stock too!


  1. ooh looks great :) - loving the silverback longies too!!! next on my list i think lol

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are just truly stuning Lisa , i cant wait to get them on H!!!! ;-)

    Just wonderful , and yes my 'indecisiveness' lol , which makes me sound awful hehe , has definately paid off , as once again weve come up with another perfect colourway , they just keep getting better dont they hun!!

    Im excited to see what we'll come up with next!! :-D

    Thankyou so so much for yet again your brilliant patience with me!!


  3. its a pleasure Sophie and tbh mum and I feel the lucky ones, that you ladies entrust us to make you all these yummies. :-)

    So thank you!

  4. ooh they gorgeous! cant wait to see them on H, definatley worth the wait :)