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Thursday, 5 November 2009

A little bit of this and that

Fancied updating a little....as we've been so busy lately, with BBM and WCM, and still are!

We'll be bringing to wahm month, an ABK/TNG christmas ooga set size 12-18mths, a ABK/TNG blue/orange ooga set also size 12-18 mths and to BBM we'll be bringing a WN/JR/TNG/Beau Beau safari collab, semi cusomisable and gender neutral!!! Plus our forthcoming HO/PP/ collab due next week, also semi customisable! A few other randoms planned too including an extremely indulgent and warm baby blanket! This will be very unique and very adorable!

 TNG hats has expanded!!! We now do tie ups in a uniquely knitted way! No ribbing or joins...just one whole hat and it's fab! Even JJ can put it on by himself *proud mummy! Here is JJ in mums most recent creation and it looks so fab! This was rustic yarn and I'm really pleased!

Hmmm what else has been going on behind the scenes....oh yes :-)

We also have a new section to our shop (well will have by the end of tonight) Beau Beau Creations! I am setting up a tshirt section, for you to be able to purchase hand embroidered Tshirts, in any size, most colours, with your favourite fabrics embelished onto the front! Here's some pics!

Anyone for a Fluff and Stuff? These gorgeous nappies are extremely popular, but can work out expensive if you order and get lumbered with custom charges too! Forget about that...we have a truck load, well almost, due in approx 4 weeks time depending on chrimbo post, and I am ever so excited! Here's some examples of her work.

Oh and finally.....More UK wahm nappies also due, possibly before mid December, but no promises. WeeNotions and something a little special and we are SUPER excited about it. Will keep hush hush for fear of prying eyes ;-) but keep an eye on here for updates!


  1. ooh FnS one of my favourites

  2. Ok so blue ooga can i just have tat now please ;) oh and the safari one tooplease

    Fab stuff Lisa, lovign all the new stuff :)

  3. Wooohoooo!!! F&S!!!!! My fave at the moment!! YAY!!!!

  4. great update Lisa, I think FnS is about the only nappy I haven't tried yet!

  5. ooo snap I have fluff n stuff on there way as well.

  6. I think it'll be the last US wahm we buy from now....was tempted by DnF but Vic gets them in. There are just so many lovely nappies out there!!! Ours aren't due till near christmas though. I took so long deciding what to have plus really wanted to try them before I sold them, so I could have understanding of them. :-)