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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hmmmmm what do you think?

I'v been playing around with LWI dyeing...as I am totally loving some of the BOV and wool interlock colourways out there at the minute.
So... I thought why can't we have the option of woollies dyed that way???........I tried it on some knitted up shorties that have been hanging around..and this is the result!!!

I actually think, given certain colours and a little more practice.......and I use our circular knitted longies or soakers (this was an old flat knitted item) that this could look truly wonderful!!!! It would look especially fab with embelishments!  Anyway....what do you think? Would it be something that would interest you? I may do JJ some and see how that goes..hhmm a camo effect!!!!

(BTW..if anyone wants these..they are yours for £8! but only really suited as a soaker or around the house as the wool is not overly thick)

Oh and Sarah...here's your Blues the word, so far!!!

I hope you like it..the colours are just amazing!!!!


  1. I'd be interested in some! I think they look fab!

  2. I think they'll look scrummy once perfected!!! and with good colour combos used. :-) I think I'll trial JJ's and see how they turn out first.

  3. I think a pair of tangerine orange and lime green would look amazing (hint hint)