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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Errmmmm lots of stuff!!! :-)

Eleanors Pink berries & the BBM set

Lucys Dark seven seas, Iv done a navy trim to match and it looks yummy!!!

His & hers!!! Noahs red sky at night soaker. I was concerned the red looked pinky, but as soon as I saw it finished, it looks fab!!! With a charcoal icord to finish......I can't wait to see poppy's knitted up now!

Plus the final sneaky peek at our TNG/Hollow oak/Pickle paints collab!


  1. Noah's soaker looks great hun, i didn't realise they'd look like 'his and hers' when i decided on colours. haha

    Poppy's looks like its going to be lovely and delicate. :)

  2. oohh LOVE the Seven seas :) thank you lisa it is yummy xxxx