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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Eleanors Pink Berries and Sophies Silverbacks!!!!

A few progress picks of Eleanors Pink berries yarn....it looks gorgeous!!

and the LONG awaited Silverback longies, for H!!! I am so completely over the moon with how these dyed, and knitted up Love them!


  1. oooooh yay!!! A finished piccie!!! They really are so yummmmm Lisa , and definately worth the wait hey?! ;-P

    Do you think we hold the record for the longest awaited pair of longies , its gotta be , what , 5 months hasnt it?!?!

    Sooooooooooo worth it though!! :-D


    ps. Which pic is most true to colour , this one , or the one you sent my by text , as they look completely different!


  2. I love m wool & those longies are gorgeous!!! Lucky H!! x

  3. Not sure which one is more true to colour Sophie as mum has them back at hers to do belt and finish off. The one I txt you was a daylight pic, this one was artificial light. But I'll get a finished daylight pic today so you can see. I'll lanolise today and get them off Tues/Weds.

    I can't believe they are actually finished!! Feels like 5 months hey!!! But your order went through the shop mid September...so not as long as it feels! I think it feels so long as beforehand we discussed for such a long time colourways and colour mixes!!!

    It was well worth the wait Sophie...your colour indecisiveness and awaiting photos of things knitted up ect has meant a final and fantastic colourway!! So well done you! I love it and want some for JJ! We'll do more of this I think!