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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Keep an eye on TNG Yarns...

over the next few days...

I have been on a wool dyeing mission and have some lush new colourways on their way!

I will add some pics here as soon as I have them.

Looky HERE


  1. :-O Lisa that pink autumn (im sure thats the right name?! brain like a seive right now lol!) is gorgeous!!!

    I have *slight* progress on my decision for colourway....NO yellow AT ALL please....hehe...

    ive just had my 2 custom pairs of longies arrive this week ('storm' & 'blue banana' both from BBL , knitted by Neelam and Evelyn) and they both have LOADS of yellow in , so dont want anymore yellow please lol :-P

    other than that i still have no clue lol!

    one minute im thinking dark browns , rusty oranges , dark reds....then the next im thinking blues and silvers.....

    hmmm....i might have made a decision by xmas hahaha :-P


  2. I love the Pink Autumn too. My Dad's wife has said she'll knit Grace some longies so I'm on the lookout for some wool! I'll be keeping a close eye!! E x

  3. Bless ya Sophie.. well you never know, you may see something in the batches I'm dyeing over the next few days! Had a delay as run out of Dye, but have lots now :-)
    Oooh lucky Grace!!! Well keep an eye out, as the colours I dye up tend to be very random lol