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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dunk N Fluff Co Op??

Anyone fancy it???

Her pricing is based on the number ordered:
10-15 diapers: 10% off retail
16-20 diapers: 15% off retail
20+ diapers+ : 20% off retail

shipping would be actual cost and divided amongst us as would any custom charges, plus shipping to you from me.

For fabrics Tami would use bamboo fleece and velour for the inners and the outers you all could pick from her gallery or if there's enough interest in a print that she don't have that's available for purchase (Fabric Fairy, etc. ) she would be open to purchasing it for the co-op.  Make sense?

Anyone that may be interested, email us or reply here for more details!!!

I can only do this if enough people are interested!!!

Lisa x


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!

  2. I NEED (in a size small) Elliot the Elephant, Grass Giraffe, Ice Giraffe, Blue Ooga, Pet Shop Cuties, Fishie Fun and Rock, Paper, Scissors!!!!!

  3. And some matching t-shirts obviously. ;-)

  4. Yes Yes Yes. I love the fluff I received today & I now need a nappy to go with the dress I ordered!


  5. Hmph.

    Yes please! I only need one nappy.. is she included interlock and clothes in it too?

  6. yes pls would like to know about clothing too

  7. Ok... I'll get all the details together and post them here..... and then set up an area we can all order!!! Oooh very exciting!

  8. She won't include interlock or clothing in the discount, but will allow them to be ordered with the co-op. But she warned us, it would take longer if lots of clothes were ordered too.