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Friday, 18 September 2009

Blue banana and seven seas!

Here's a sneak pic of Lal's blue banana longies! They look beautiful! (mum says were you wanting a hat?)

and here's Lyndas two sets of seven seas, which is absolutely stunning! The blues are just gorgeous!



  1. Ooh that Blue Banana is lovely , and also completely different to mine! Its bizarre isnt it how the same colour wool knits up differently even with the same knitter!

    Seven seas is gorgeous too :-)


  2. It is strange!!!! It depends on the tension the knitter uses I think too....and obviously each time Sarah dyes the wool, it will be slightly different too! I love it! I have 3 skiens sat here for BBM or WAHM collab month.. and I'm so tempted to nab it lol

  3. *squeals*

    That is LOVELY!! If mum would like to make a hat, I am happy to staple it to Lal's head ;)

  4. ooooo could your mum make Kal a hat in the same colourway as the wool you're going to dye for me?

  5. I don't see why not...... I will speak to her and see what we can do. It may be that you need a trim, so we can nab some of the wool we dye for you. But I'll let you know :-)

  6. Pixie.. can you remind me of Kals measurements, so I can see how wool you will need for his longies plus hat. Cheers hun. Lisa x

  7. I do indeed! Well except the falling Leave hat, he loves that one - slept in it last night, lol.

    yes please to the hat ( and one for phoenix if she'd like to)

    Can you do me an invoice?

  8. I can do you a custom pick up.. if thats what you mean???

  9. You know it is. It's Friday, I've lost all my words :(

    yay! i was wondering what it would knit up like - have been waiting for pics for days! DAYS Lisa. Not just hours... DAYS. LOL!

  10. I love Fridays!!!! I have wine... well I don't yet, but i will by the time I need it! ;-)

    It really does look gorgeous Katie, even nicer in RL. Sorry it's taken so long to get photos, had them ready to load on but kept forgetting :-) But then, where's the excitment in instant pics???? ;-)

  11. I like Friday night - Friday's I resent becuase they are not yet Friday night, :)

    Don't apologise! I like waiting for pics, it combines my fav things, stalking and pictures!

  12. Oooh, very nice. Finlay is wearing his seven seas hat today. He's off to the library in a sling with DH, DS1 and DD4. :-)

    Will my wool pics be up soon too?

  13. just pm'd you kals measurements on facebook...but i'll put them here too :)

    Waist- 18"
    Rise- 18"
    Hips- 20"
    Inseam- 6"

    .....is it me or is my wee man not so wee? (those are over a wnnn) :s

  14. Oh I love the Blue Banana, might have to get some of that for James.

  15. when were you looking at getting them? I have 3 skiens sat here.. awaiting their BBM/wahm collab month fate lol ;-)