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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tye Dye Magic!

I am so pleased with how this wool has turned out. Should knit up almost like it'e been tye dyed! Gorgeous colours too.
Softly Softly! A very light, soft, pastel coloured wool. Perfect for those prefering lighter shades of colour. Greens,blues,reds,yellows.
The strawberry set, slowly coming together!! Such a gorgeous match!


  1. I was admiring this wool on the shop earlier. it's yum. I'm very tempted! How long is the wool sale on for? Would there be enough for Gracie longies? ;-)

  2. Oops... I meant to say, it's the tie dye I like!

  3. The woolly sale ends Friday!!! and yes, there's plenty for longies.. I've had a ton of interest in this wool, but no confirmations just yet... just going to load image of the trim on as people wanted to see it! :-)