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Saturday, 31 October 2009


Seems alot of wahms are holding back on Royal Mail postage until next week...we have been undecided what do, so, as we spoke to the PO people and was told there is at least a 2million backlog, we have decided to let ours out, bit by bit. This way it is easier for us to keep track.

So please do not despair if your parcel has not arrived in our usual next day delivery times, it will get to you.

Please do let us know if it has not arrived within a week after you get your despatch email, as we will need to chase it up.

Thanks for your patience.

Lisa & Yvonne

1 comment:

  1. Royal Mail deliver over 95 million letters a day, so a 2 million a day backlog is nothing and can easily be cleared in a day. The backlog caused by the recent wildcat strikes was nearly 20 million a day an still only took a few days to clear. Hope that cheers everyone up a bit. :-)