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Friday, 30 October 2009

Busy Busy day!!! Keep scrolling!!!

Ther merino finally arrived so I went out to play!!!! :-)

I finished the trim for Sophies longies, silverback, so they will be the next up on the needles, once dry anyway.

Once that got wrenched out of the dye pot...in went Red sky At Night, 3rd attempt!!!!

I won't truly know the full effect until it comes out to be rinsed, later tonight. I'm hoping it's perfect, but I'm not completely convinced!
In the dye pot as I type, shades of balck, superwash for Katie. I'v purposely shaded this yarn, from very deep black through to charcoal, I'm hoping it will give a great effect. No pic s yet...to follow.
Oh, and here's Louise's surprise yarn colourway!

I adore it..it will knit up fantastically! Such deep strong colours!
ooooh and mum busied herself at the market today, knitting this cute little hat!

and last but not least.....our next wahm collaboration month offering, this time with NitNac! 0-3 mths, the perfect combination for any new baby girl! Defintaley a OOAK!!! 

Hips 17", rise 16", Inseam 5/6"
Nitnac dress 0-3mths
Tee 0-3 mths

1 comment:

  1. Lisa that is blooming fantastic! See I told you I'd love anything you produce, you have a real knack for colour combos that work and are a bit unusual!