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Friday, 26 June 2009

Soaker 'issues'

Ok ladies. This here is our 2nd attempt at a soaker, using circular needles. (Carly, yours was the first, will be emailing you shortly!)
Unfortunately they have not turned out as we had hoped. They have knitted up so much larger and not to exact measurements.

Carrie, I have felted yours a little, which has taken them down in size and also made them pretty bombproof!! But have not had time to lanolise, so they will be ok for her birthday as long as you change her regulary! They will also be a bit big, but will fit your daughter for a fair while yet! I hope you like them and I'm so sorry to not have got them perfect for you. :-(

CARLY... I shall be emailing you shortly about yours, DO NOT PANIC! I know you are super excited about them, and they have taken us longer than expected, but they have knitted up so huge!!! Anyway expect an email from me and some apologies, and our next move options :-) :-)

Yvonne x

1 comment:

  1. Don't listen to Lisa! We got our strawberry soaker yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, a little bigger than 'pants', but no bigger than an adorable pair of bloomers...and of such lovely quality knitting! Thank you so much, Lisa and Yvonne, for getting them knitted and posted so quickly - they were a hit at the party today and will be much loved by Esme's bum. Carrie xx