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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Butterflies & Flowers!

For Cheryl's Anais :-)

Hope you like them hun.

I adore this wool! It's merino aran, dyed by Emma @ bdazzlers. Lovely soft wool in very soft girly colours.


  1. They are sooooooo stunning, i love them, i so hope iv not mucked up the measuemnts and they fit now lol......thankyou lots, they really are stunning

  2. Mum is soooo pleased you like them Cheryl, just praying that they are perfect fro Anais!! :-) XX

  3. Wow!! *wishes Lal was a girl*

    Stunning work ladies x

  4. Going on the measurments they should, what size is jj, do they fit him lol?Tell your mum, there stunning....now thinking of some longies with strawberrys or a sweetie theme......possible?

  5. Anygthing is possible Cheryl! We love a challenge!! Just shout if you want some!

  6. OMG THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVELY!!!!!!!!Your mum has worked so hard on them and im over the moon, i think they should fit her, shes not here at the min to try them though......but there so soft and stunning. The little flowers on the back are also fab! Wasnt expecting that! I will def be back for more....longies if you can fit me in pretty please.....maybe somethin gin mint green and lilac? Though really not fussed in the slightest, think i will let you choose!