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Friday, 5 March 2010

A random Friday Blog post!!!

Pregnant mummy or daddy? Have a new baby? know someone that does? Ask them to come browse our Simply Baby range of new baby nappies and wraps plus all things baby! We designed this section to our website, for those new to cloth nappies, frought by all the choices and informaton, in the hope we could keep it simple!
Gift packs available too! 
Consisting of 2 size 1 little lamb nappies plus a wrap, a perfect starter pack or gift set for a baby shower!

Now, do you need something to store your wet/dirty nappies in but don't fancy having a stinky bucket? How about a Monkey Foot Wetbag? These fantastic wetbags are ideal, as they have so many uses, and so many gorgeous prints, everyone shoud own one! A small one for your cloth san pro, a large one for your swim stuffs or a day trip out,  an XL for storing your dirty nappies in at home, with zip to keep out any smells!
This particular bag is stunning! We have one XL in stock!